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Seventh Period English

Mrs. Barta is talking about Julius Caesar
Not knowing the answers will not please her
She talks about grammar and lots of prepositions
A long time itís been since "The Chosen" was mention
Mrs. Thomas stands in back
Looking for students with attention in lack
Mrs. Thomas clicks as she walks
Sometime she'll jump in and talk
"Et tu Brute?" Mrs. Barta will scream
The kid in front of me, begins to dream
In our notebook, we may doodle
Or do presentations on Ramen Noodles
Or presentations on something cheesy
Getting her off track is relatively easy.
But not if Mrs. Thomas is around
She'll keep Mrs. Barta teaching us nouns
7th period is never to bad
As you long as you keep the teachers glad
To keep Mrs. Barta happy, and Mrs. Thomas Smiling
So the homework won't come a piling
Know siloqueys definition
Forget not juxtaposition
Well, 2:15 has now come
So this poem is now done.

Posted: February 1, 2006 

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