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heehee all that stuff was like a LONG time ago!  I've grown up ALOT sine then and I'm very happy. Ok thisis 2006 and so far everything has been going pretty good....I'm single! For like once in my life...In the begining of 8th grade a student came here from New orleans because of Hurricane Katrina and I liked him alot, His name was Jeremy....Well hes 15 and he's stayed back TWICE i was like wow hes kinda dumb But I didn't care because he seemed like a REALLY good guy...Ok like the third day he was here we started going out and we wentto the bowling alley and everything and it was so much fun It lasted about a month and then he started getting really sad and grouchy towards me and then I found out that he CUTT HIMSELF! I was like No i can't take this crap and i dumped him, Him cutting himself wasn't the only reason that I dumped him though, It was because of another guy at my church, He had just started coming because of one of my best friends. well we were walking around the church and all of a sudden He(wayne) picked me up and leaned me against the church wall and kissed me! i was SOOOO happy! And we went out for like a month...Jeremy like came back to me and said that he was sooo sorry and everything and that he would try to make our realationship better, Well he kinda did for awhile then he was at his house one night and Jasminne( I thought shes was my friend) Made out with him on his bed! I was so pissed and jeremy called me up crying and asked if I'd ever take him and Of course i had to say yes....Then he came over the next day and my best friend Hilary had spent the night, and She was best friends with jeremy too welll we all had a good time that night and then They went home and i went to Youth Group that night, well one of the OLDER guys (lol he'd just turned 18) was like fooling around with me, and we went caroling that night and had a afterglow, well Me and him were the only ones outside and He got wicked close to me and Kissed me then he started like feeling me up and i was like Ummmm no...Then we kept on like meeting behind the church for a couple weeks and then he said that we had to stop it because his younger brother was the one that I was talking about in that blog before (joel) and he'd be heart broken if he found out about it....So we stoped that oo and the friday after that happened the first time Jeremy found out from someone and it was hilary i think and He said he hated me and started going out with hilary I was pissed at hilary for awhile for going out with him and everything....but then on Christmas eve Joel asked me out and i said yes, I did really love him and I felt bad because i did that with his brother and he never knew....ok moving on, i dumped him at the end of January for a Kid named kevin and Kevin was REALLY cute, We met at a basketball game and one of my friends liked him and told me to try to hook the two up but he was only interested in me! well anyways I had a Super bowl party for like everyone at my youth group and it was tons of fun  Nicki and Casey were going out and Casey said somethign that made Nicki dump him...Jordan caseys best friend was fooling around with me all night like we were cuddling and stuff, and joel was there (and jordan and joel are cousins) and he was like heart broke and everyhting becuase of what happened....But Helena and brandon was the worst of the night....Helena and Brandon had been going out for 6 months secretly and Her parents didn't know , Well that night Her mom saw them cudddling and kissing on the bed upstairs and Monday night Helenas dad called Brandon and said that it'd have to stop...My dad was and still is rippping mad at her parents for breaking them up...I don't think they should have done that....ok well Back to Jordan....omg hes SOOO cute but He only wants to be friends with benefits AND he has a g/f i don't think i want to go out with him  anymore because his and caseys "rules" are : Lie, Steal, CHEAT, Rape, and Put out and i don't want a boyfriend that cheats soo i'll prolly just fool around with him while I'm single....OOOI miss one of my b/f SOOO bad i wish that i'd never dumped him....Wayne was the best b/f ever he was sooo sweet and he always knew what to say....He was 17 and I basically had to break up with him because of my mom because there was too much of a age difference but he would never do anything that I wouldn't want and he always listened to me. The thing I like about my dad is that he never Judges like people or couples in this case so quickly like my mom flipped when she found out and my dad allowed me to have him over and watch a movie upstairs with one of my friends....I miss him SOOO much and one of my friends Nicole is going ot try calling him tonite again, last night she tried calling him and he wasn't home i want to go back out with him so bad but he likes someone else A girl who doesn't even like him! He sent her flowers on no special day and she teared them up in the middle of the hall i would have thoght that was soo sweet  I MISS AND LOVE YOU WAYNE ROBERT MAY!!!!!<33333 Me......

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