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Umm some new stuff<3

Hey wow that pic is from like 2 months ago..Dude i gotta get that new one up proto lol So my life has been pretty good lately. I went to my 2nd annual Youth Convention In Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It was really great. They incourged us to go out into the real world and tell people that God does really love them and it was really great to go to another Convention. It truely is amazing to watch I have honestly been trying very hard to get some of my friends and family into church. It definately has paid off. My dad has started coming ot my church and one of my friends comes all the time and the another comes as much as she can. Ah. I new pic. This one is of my church family. They are the best and brightest people you could ever really meet. In our church we welcome anyone and everyone with open arms.  The one sitting next to the girl (nikki the one that I got to come to church) in the white coat, is me. Alot of my best friends and close family are also in this picture with me.

Posted: May 11, 2006 ,   Modified: December 16, 2006

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