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On a schoolhouse slate with written letters
Mary Jane shoes and lunch pails real moments


  In her mindís eye there is someone beneath a red cap who is wearing a windbreaker

jacket with a stopwatch and wearing a scarf a traveler and who married a poet for more of

a novel. Traveling through lives a sale man that sold himself in many peopleís memories

Her story is a waiting to happen by the buyers.

  The student wonít have to worry about going to the dean because she will not be in

school. In fantasy story telling will go to a Hollywood premier, sheíll see that few front

seats are reserved and worry then, but the desires urge in the present is to write it running

away from the grief in last day of school good-byes, Hand palms over her ears her eyelids

squeezed tightly shut the last day of class not coming to day.

  She never did find out what was his favorite color? She wraps and seals finales, she

tries to keep her head up and eyes dry. The good-bye funerals keeping her awake at

night and skipping naps

       Where has the daydreams gone? Never will see each other again.

  She getting gifts at the mall to deliver there is some to eternity there in minutes lengths.

I love you spoken freely giving a lot of friendship is not Einsteinís ways and not the

smartest Sigmund Freud, but in the ends the core of a heart in travelers buyerís bags

If you going to be yourself be all in every minute the memories is yours to own

It is better to have than neverÖI didnít have to but I wanted too

A student forever in textbooks lessons first the excitement coming from the heart freely

unmarked by the world but in a tiny scent in the air one recalls the rules not about

teacher, wife and the class. Well that about covers the world.

Spent the weeks on a make believe story about sweater fits and for a twist it little about

the authorís and here from beginning, middle to end I did not have cows in my opinion

brave is without efforts. A sureness being myself an in freedom nothing restrains and

gives me less trust something not worn out.

But these schools lessens on shoulders the doníts and boundary lines

Someone feeling violated, trespassed

Why is it the world has difficulties to read everything what is the fears? People and I are

just two different shoes on one persona. What cookies to serve company I guess the

defining the word:  a p p r o p r i a t e

From Walt Disney world to the television news child to adult and sometimes some people

canít make the transition completely without breaking natureís forms

Who is God man or life?

Slapped a harness around necks, eat like the rest of the mules itís not forever just until

you are running free again outside this shoe too tight and shoe laces tied tighter on the

feet. Itís no wonder time goes dull after awhile people donít play, love freely act in their

fullest ability this being a springtime to not to forget to get in costumes down play be

every mortal under the sun. Since the school term will finale and be closet memory I wish

to write the last tale last word

My life living experiences are not high number it is clear no fear outside in the air truth

sets you free get free is a driving place we all wish to attend I just happen to do little

more in places others pull back I guess because the experiences were not kind so this way

of living is not the rule

You can make things private without shielding it in isolation by simply go out with it in

confident experiences are not own by one go through it is human nature to know a flip

side the experience is not kind so then habiting is easy to separate out personal lives with

everyone. We judge and choose the cookies sometimes we take too much time and lose

the experience because we feared too much unknowing

Send each other to the dean we too tired to be outside. Itís usually the too old to be alive

ones. Those a breath away from retiring, longing to step out of society

In this story does a teacher come around to facts harm was not intense things going good

in fools gold the student broken in beaten to death if the teacherís ways were all so above

then why is the teacher leaving for a year? It will be retirement time maybe luck will

teach teachers their lessons unlearned it was to be out there as you not the ways of the

world you would have gone longer, had much more if you chose different

But I guess the students out of structures forms are the battles ships war games

Miss and hit games you looking for something or the time comes you are finish here and

some put up fights grasp the steering wheels and blow the ships horn too much for

nothing. At the time itís a lessen with a worth but in the end itís just time not harness

someone had to do with empty coffee cup people trying to smile and move away play

friends for forgiveness itís another game the senior moment forgets so I guess the

schoolhouse text lessens are understood learned to portray the mirrors reflection. Act a

certain way and follow rules copycat Simon says stand up, sit down who sits when Simon

did not say sit down a small slap in head in the games.

Posted: May 31, 2006 

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