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o What is Wrong With Christianity?

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What is Wrong With Christianity?

I am so tired of listening to people knocking "Christianity" and of
"Christians" with political or financial or pride agendas.  I have
a relationship with Jesus Christ.  I want to be like him.  That is my only agenda.  When I receive e-mail and phone calls and personal word about the world is doing this or the world is doing that, I just want to say, "SO WHAT!" There was as much sin in Christ's days as there is now.  There was abortion, prostitution, lies, and all kinds of persecution.  Yet, Christ did not address those things.  He never told us to fight abortion, gambling, homosexuality, or whatever.
He wanted his followers to share the Word and build the kingdom.  He taught love and forgiveness.  He also taught us to make our own lives correct.  He didn't even speak out against slavery.  Yet, in this "modern age", the Christians want to tell the rest of the world
how to live.  If we look at the number of causes that the "Christians" fight, we'll find that they are usually "us against them" battles.  Christ didn't go after the sin in the world.  He knew better.  He knew the world could never understand our way of living.  His goal was to bring people to Christ and to teach them how to live.  That is where our attention is to be.
Now, do I agree with the sin in the world?  Do I want it to end?  I
would like to but I can not imagine the world changing because of our disagreement with them.  If someone is a homosexual, I am sorry for them, but I am not interested in curtailing their rights or such.
Actually, I have known many homosexuals in my life.  They usually have been good friends, and very talented in many areas. Do I want them to teach my children?  No, but that is my prerogative.  I can put my child in home-schooling, or in a Christian school.
When someone operates a pornography business, he or she is certainly
commiting crime.  That is what we do...we support the system where we can. If I tell some couple on the corner that pornography is bad and filthy, they will not understand.  Unless, the spiritual connection is made, they can not understand our way of thinking and living.
Someone asked me the other day if I believed that we should protest
against the prostitutes in a certain area of town.  I told him that I didn't feel that was a battle that my Lord would have taken on, and I certainly don't feel I should either.
When the show "Touched by an Angel" was on, I enjoyed it.  When it went off the air, I received e-mail communications asking me to participate in protests and boycots against the advertisers who let
them put it off and against the tv network. Why would a person who is not a believer listen to my protests?  He is interested in the pocket book, business.  He doesn't share our moral opinions.
Today, a group is asking me to protest and if necessary boycott against Sears because they are providing financing for programs on the homosexual stations.  Sears in business to make money.  They no longer claim to be a Christian run business. Why should I try to convince them not to support a body of customers who believe differently than me?  They have the right to seek business from any and all corners.  It would not even be good business to not give their attention to another area of customers.  Why should we dictate
who or what customers a business seeks?  I like western clothes, jazz, and Religious writings. If I could not buy these things because someone who believed differently than I, then I would have
a right to be upset. Should not the homosexuals, and other deviants have the right to buy where and what they want?
I am sure that someone reading this will say I am sticking my head in the sand, and not realizing the evil of these things in the world.
My Lord said I should live in the world, but not  be part of it. When I try to force my opinions on others, I am doing something my Lord would not have done.
While I am at it, I also have to tell you that I am against the way some denominational leaders put all their attention to numbers and finances is disgusting. When these "leaders" try to dictate our own personal lives and beliefs, they are no different than the Pharisees and Saducees.  God fought against them.  He called them vipers.
I am interested in hearing your comments and remarks.  I would love for us to have a dialog.  If you want to e-mail

Posted: December 10, 2006 

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