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When H.G.Wells wrote “The War Of The Worlds” he depicted his aliens conquering the Earth by a series of manoeuvres that took control in a triangular pattern that fitted together in a symmetrically perfect subjugation of the land mass. The invading ships from another world did it in triangles. There is an inherent strength in a triangle because whichever side it rests upon the two remaining sides support the point. The Spartan bodyguard that held the pass at Thermopoli against the invading Persians employed a similar tactic with the phalanx attack formation.

Mobile phone companies have adopted similar tactics in their battle to colonise the world with a communication device that most industrialised societies find that they cannot do without, the mobile phone or cell phone. A cell is an irregular piece of territory, often triangular or sometimes hexagonal where a cell phone will work because it can receive a signal. The three points of the triangle are marked by a cell phone mast and are usually no more than 8 kilometres from the next mast going in any direction. Each mast may hold transmitting/receiving equipment, which may or may not rely upon microwaves. There has been much controversy concerning the concentration of microwave radiation within the cells and in particular the saturation around the masts although to be strictly accurate it does not have to be a “Mast” as such any elevated location may be used for the purpose. An office complex, an apartment block, a high building or even a pylon of some description would serve equally. Some transmitting/receiving equipment has even been mounted on schools and hospitals.

For many years it has been thought by sceptics that the concentration of radio/microwaves in heavily populated areas has been a contributory factor in the rising incidences of various carcinogenic outbreaks particularly where such masts are sited adjacent to a high concentration of patients presenting at hospitals with carcinomas. The correlation between the microwave emissions and the incidence of cancers has of course been vehemently denied by both the cell phone companies who have a very large vested interest in disproving the link and the governments who sold the licences to the companies so that they could operate and made billions of Dollars/Pounds/Franks/Marks/Pesetas/Lira in the process and thus minimised the taxes those governments had to levy to fulfil their electoral promises. Of course it helped to keep certain politicians in power because their election promises could be delivered at seemingly nil cost to the proletariat.

Both governments and mobile phone companies inaugurated lengthy and costly investigations the sole purpose of which was to prove that mobile phones were harmless and the high incidences of cancers around the masts had to be due to some other factor though none specified what that cause might be. The only “fly in the ointment” was that no one told the honeybee why it was dying in ever increasing numbers where these masts overlap in their coverage of an ever expanding market. It is unlikely that a bee will ever read the reports that maintain that microwave radiation is a benign consequence of modern day living and even if it did it would be long dead before it reached the bottom line.

For some time a phenomena has been steadily wiping out beehives across the United States and Canada, initially apiarists [bee keepers] feared that a virus may be responsible but if that were true then it is reasonable to expect to find at least some dead bees in the hives. This is not the case.
The hives are being abandoned by established colonies and there is little indication what has befallen these industrious creatures. There is however a common factor that has been noted, most if not all abandonment’s of the hives have occurred close to cell phone masts. To be fair to the mobile phone industry it may have nothing to do with microwave radiation, it may conceivably be the rising levels of air pollution. If apiarists want the bees to vacate the premises a smoke gun is used to convince the bees that the hive is on fire but these creatures are smart enough to have survived millions of years before man came along so maybe they could spot the difference between pollution and real smoke. No the pollution theory explains why they might have left but not why any never came back nor why any of the predators that attack beehives will not go near them after the bees have left.

The problem has taken hold on the United States and Canada and is of some concern. It began on the west coast but has steadily advanced eastward with no clear reason for the hives being abandoned.  Whilst it was isolated to North America European bee- keepers were concerned but relieved that it had not crossed the Atlantic. The appearance of the same chain of events here in the UK recently and Europe not long ago has begged the question, ”What is causing established bee colonies to leave their hives and never return”? Is it a virus, if so how did it get into European hives? Is it a reaction to a minute parasite that could be the cause in America though it has not been identified, and if it is how did it get into European hives with the Atlantic Ocean to cross and the stringent regulations on importation? Is it as a result of an increased intensity in solar radiation hitting the Earth due to the destruction of Ozone? Unlikely, if that were the cause the problem would have occurred simultaneously here and in the US. Or is there a simpler explanation that is directly related to man’s activities of recent years? The increase in electronic contamination involved in microwave transmissions from the vast amount of electrical equipment we now use.  The mobile phone also uses microwaves and the explosion in the ownership of such devices has put ten times the microwave transmissions into the air that was there ten years ago.
The bee uses a system of navigation that is closely related to microwave transmissions to find its way back to the hive after it has collected the nectar. If that navigation is compromised it may never find its way to its own hive and if it should find its way to another hive the guards would kill it. So the bee is faced with a problem, it cannot find its own hive, its nectar pockets are full and the air is saturated with microwaves that it does not recognise, exhaustion and death will follow. If the same scenario repeats then the number of bees in a hive will slowly diminish until it becomes unviable and the hive will cease to function. At least that was what was thought to be happening but recent evidence suggests that the abandonment’s are more sudden, as though there had been an instantaneous change in something fundamental to the hives survival.

The problem is that if hives cease to function at the current rate of decline cross -pollination will not take place and vegetation will die, crops will fail and higher in the food chain man will cease to exist. Albert Einstein calculated the time scale a long time ago. He maintained that if bees suddenly ceased to exist then man’s extinction would follow within four years, that pessimistic result has been revised to five years but at the time there was no such thing as genetically modified crops and perhaps that too has a bearing on the disappearance of the bees. If the answer is not found quickly the world will be a very different place.

One university investigating the effects of mobile phones upon humans may however have scratched the surface of the problem with an experiment, the bees within 300 metres of a mast failed to return to the hive when certain mobile phones were fixed to the mast. The concentration of microwave radiation around the mast was thought to be responsible. The bee relies upon a dance performed at the entrance to the hive to communicate to other members of the colony the location of sources of nectar. The dance is thought to be a physical representation of the location but if a bee performs a dance based upon its last expedition and the microwave radiation changes the physical properties that the bee has accepted in the dance then not only will it never find the source of the nectar it will not find its way back to the hive either. Since March 2007 there have been at least sixty hives abandoned suddenly in the UK and similar occurrences are happening across Europe.

An investigation into “Colony Collapse Disorder” as it is now being called is imperative and this time we must have the truth rather that what is politically expedient or what will maintain company profit levels and neutralise any law suits which is why it must not be funded by governments, companies with a vested interest or apiarists because it is far too important to the survival of the human race and the flora and fauna of planet Earth.


Posted: May 8, 2007 ,   Modified: May 8, 2007

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