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Today Britain has a new Prime Minister, he was not the man the electorate knew as the leader of New Labour when they last went to the polls he is the man who was “Nominated” to office by a Prime Minister seeking to leave office. A Prime Minister
who made it very clear that there was for him at least “No other choice”? Yet it is not really the change in leadership of the political party now known as New Labour that should be of concern but the amount of “Political heavyweights” that have made it plain that they do not envisage themselves continuing in office after the departure of Tony Blair.

The deputy leader of the party John Prescott [the member for Hull east] said that he too would resign with Tony Blair sparking a contest for the deputy leadership. This is the same John Prescott who was once a Minister for transport and the environment. In 1997 he said: ”I will have failed if in five years the number of car journey’s by private motorists has not fallen”. Well, he had five years and five more and the roads now are busier than ever, hardly anyone with a regard for personal safety uses public transport by choice and the train services are still a disgrace. Of course he could have given up one of his two jaguars that would have taken at least half of his transport from congested roads and showed a commitment to the reduction of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. And Speaking of global warming he was the man who ordered a chauffer driven car to take him 500 yards along the road whilst he was preparing Britain’s contribution to the Kyoto agreement on the reduction of the pollutants that cause the greenhouse effect. Then there was a widely publicised extra marital affair after which things went very quiet and he took a supporting role only. But he will be most remembered for his dislike of anyone throwing eggs at him and he has a whole bunch of reasons why they should not, five of them to be exact. Of all of the candidates that contested the post the one chosen by the party was Harriet Harmon. The same Harriet Harmon that was dismissed from Tony Blair’s first government, strangely no one now remembers why she was sacked.

There has been a frequent and often embarrassing turnover of “Ex-ministers” staying just long enough to wipe their boots on the doormat of 10 Downing Street during the tenure of Tony Blair, at the last count it was passing fifty and most moved on under a cloud of one sort or another. Does anyone remember “British Passports” being used as a bargaining chip for foreign investment? Or “Inappropriate loans/investments” or perhaps the string of scandalous affairs brought to light around five years ago, No? Well that would probably be the “Spin” How about “It’s a good day for burying bad news” ring any bells? When New Labour came to power it was after a sustained and often vicious campaign in the press and media by hacks bought and paid for by the party and “Spin” was evident even before they were elected. The “Spin continued after the election, it not actually lying but it is a management of the truth to solicit a favourable light in which the frequent failings are presented to the electorate. Behind the “Scenes” many have made a lucrative career out of the management of “Bad news days” at number 10, some are famous, some infamous and some still remain in the shadows but their purpose [to keep the wolves from the Prime Minister’s door] has been achieved and kept New Labour in power far longer than the party would have been without them.

The succession of Ministers pretending to the Home Office has included Jack Straw, David Blunkett, Ken Clarke, and John Reid, none have been adept at the task. In fact an appointment to a Ministerial position there within party circles holds a parallel with a German soldier being “Sent to the Russian front”. The Home Office has “Staggered” from crisis to crisis during the ten years of New Labour. Who can forget the number of dangerous prisoners who just slipped from the “Penal system radar”, over 1000, murderers, paedophiles, slave traders, drug traffickers and various violent offenders that simply vanished? Many of the offenders should have been deported on completion of their sentences but were released back onto the streets to re-offend. The reason for the failure was given as a “Communication breakdown” but once they knew what the problem was why did no one fix it? Many of those prisoners are still at large in the UK. Even if they were located there would be nowhere to hold them, the present prison capacity is 80,000,the same as it was under the Conservative government 10 years ago despite New Labour being told on taking office that it was inadequate for 1997. No new prisons have been built despite a raft of legislation that would add to the population, the reason? When a Home Secretary asks for the money to rectify the situation the Chancellor [Gordon Brown] he say no. The present Home Secretary said a few days ago that he “Could not see himself staying in office after Tony Blair resigned” but interviewed today he seemed to be having second thoughts.

The record on Law and Order from New Labour is not good, they talk a good fight but do not deliver and the test of policy is in the delivery. The legislation they have often “Forced” onto the statutes has enabled the organs of the state to curtail the rights of free speech, detain people without charge or trial and administer torture by proxy [so long as the state does not actually do it]. They call the legislation “The anti terror laws” but they are in fact population control laws and maintain that they will only be used to control terrorism. So why were more than 700 people arrested under the Anti terror laws at New Labours party conference including a Labour party veteran of 57 years standing, an 80 year old who dared to say the word rubbish when Jack Straw came to the podium to justify the UK presence in Iraq? The reason then as it is now can only be that an opinion voiced that disagrees with party policy is unwelcome and as such is now controllable under the terrorism laws. Remind us again, just who are the terrorists "The State" Or the enemy within?

The Attorney General is also someone who cannot serve the Government led by a Prime Minister called Gordon Brown, perhaps because he once gave a legal opinion
justifying the legality of the second Iraq war to the House of Commons when only four days previously the opinion from that same source had been to the contrarary and coincided with UN opinion voiced by Kofi Annan that it was in fact “Illegal”. But that opinion was not what Tony Blair nor George Bush wanted to hear. Oliver Goldsmith said he will not be serving the Brown Government.

Today Tony Blair will at last resign. It has probably been the longest transition of power in British politics but Gordon Brown will take the office as Prime Minister of the UK despite Tony Blair’s attempts to dispense with his services some time ago.
The faces seen in the media are often not what is presented and the relationship has been expertly managed. The dilemma awaiting Gordon Brown is how does he replace a Chancellor, a Home Secretary, an Attorney General, and several other ministers and still maintain the semblance of “Joined up government”? The turmoil left in the wake of Mr.Blair’s departure will take its toll.

Tony Blair on the other hand will have much to do. He has been appointed as a “Middle East Envoy” though quite by whom is not clear as there were four parties involved in his appointment, Russia, the EU, the USA and the UN. Perhaps it is not such a surprise as the USA holds the purse strings of both the UN and NATO so three quarters of the vote on his appointment was predictable. His “Brief” is to bring about a settlement/solution to the Palestinian situation but quite where he will start is mystifying as the Palestinian State owes its existence to the USA and Israel both sworn enemies of the parties involved and Palestine has already splintered into two parts following the Hamas seizure of power last week.

Once the “Political dust” has settled and his previous boss has moved on to pastures new Gordon Brown will have full control of the UK but it would be a mistake to assume that he will simply “Continue with the good work”[if there is any]. The changes that will be made to the UK government will bring a government to the country that was not envisaged at the time of either election of New Labour in the past ten years, it is possible that it will not work. It is possible that the House of Commons will suffer a vote of “No Confidence” by the end of 2007. It is equally possible that Mr. Brown will call an early election because in the final analysis he has no mandate to govern. The remainder of 2007 will be interesting politically.

It might be thought that the forgoing cynicism is anti-new labour or pro-conservative but it is neither. When Tony Blair was elected he came to office promising better Law and Order, it did not happen; He promised an end to sleaze, that did not happen either Labour became that which they promised they would not, the sleaze party the only difference is that this party manages the scandals better because it has employed spin doctors to do it. During the tenure of this administration there have been three wars, it would have been nice if all three were on a sound legal footing but they were not. The Iraq war was about regime change and nothing else. Regime change is the number one crime in affairs of state and the UN charter forbids it but we did it anyway. The “Spin” told the UK that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction capable of falling on Britain in forty-five minutes, where is the evidence? None have ever been found. In the UK Labour was red and the conservatives blue but the brand of politics delivered by the Blair government is most definitely purple, a mixture of both. Labour is still red, the conservatives are still blue but New Labour is most assuredly purple, neither fish nor fowl. Their record is great if you believe what the “Spin” says but if you look around you will find that, guns, drugs and child pornography are easily obtainable. The slave trade masquerades as an immigration policy that does not work and personal freedom had been eroded to a point where a citizen can now be detained without charge almost indefinitely. Our armed forces are sent out to fight wars without basic equipment like flak jackets and are told to ride in vehicles that do not have blast plates fitted because they were too expensive. The most recent scandal involves one of our biggest defence contractors who are alledged to have paid bribes to secure a contract, the investigation has been ongoing for some time. It is rumoured that Gordon Brown will terminate the enquiry.


Posted: June 27, 2007 

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