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On June 14th 1947 there was an incident at the Foster ranch near Corona, New Mexico, USA. At the time the US government was more than a little concerned about “Communist infiltration” which is perhaps why this particular incident of events has never truly been resolved or laid to rest. This month [July 2007] sees the anniversary of what is probably the most famous story of Alien invasion and an extra terrestrial encounter of the third kind though very few will admit that it ever happened at all.
Without the involvement of the FBI/CIA and secret government agencies who threw a security blanket over the whole chain of events the incident would almost certainly have passed into the realms of myth but surround any incident with the “Tight lipped” refusal to tell the average American what actually happened and you have the recipe for mystery; intrigue and plot which will ensure that the incident however innocuous will live forever. If proof or precedent of this were to be required one only need ask, “Who shot President Kennedy”: “What happened to Jimmy Hoffa” or did Marylyn Munroe really kill herself”? The incidents though prominent have all been made infamous by the screen of security that hides them from public scrutiny.

In June 1947 a ranch Foreman [one William “Mac” Brazel] came upon the crash site of something that had obviously just “Fallen out of the sky” onto the range where he worked some 70 miles north of the Roswell Army/Air Force base. The wreckage as not like anything he had seen before and thinking it important to someone he collected it and threw it into his pick-up. If he had known then how events would unfold he may well have grabbed a spade, buried it and said nothing but he did not.
The wreckage was to find its way to the office of the local Sheriff [one George Wilcox] who quickly realised that this was probably outside his experience and he called the base commander at the Roswell Air Base, a Major Jesse Marcel was assigned to “Handle” the incident.

The Major and Mac Brazel returned to the crash site to ensure that there was nothing that had been missed and just to make sure what was described as a “Man in plain clothes” accompanied them. The man in plain clothes could have been a government scientist, a person with a vested interest or what is now known as an MIB [man in black]. The obvious need to control the beginnings of a rumour and great speculation
forced the “Menage`et troi” of Mac the Major and the MIB to privatise their conversations until they were sure of what they were dealing with. The exclusion of most if not all that were not pertinent to the dissemination of the facts was bound to lead to wild speculation but exactly how wild it was would turn out more than sixty years later to be one of the great unsolved incidents of the twentieth century. To set the scene the town of Corona was little more than a truck stop on a highway that spawned a settlement. It was, as a great deal are semi rural with an avid farming interest. Sophistication had not yet arrived in the town, TV was in its infancy and radio or “The wireless” was the most powerful mass media of the time not least because the pictures a wireless listener sees are created inside his own mind. Just nine years before the discovery near Corona The Mercury Theatre had broadcast an adaptation of The War of the Worlds by H.G.Wells, in 1938 those who had not sat down to listen right from the beginning would not have heard Orson Wells attribute the work of fiction to its author. They believed that what they were listening to was an actual account of an invasion by creatures from another planet and reacted accordingly. There were suicides, people fled their homes and all manner of seemingly irrational behaviour ensued forcing The Mercury Theatre to break transmission to reassure a convinced audience that it was in fact entirely fictional. An indication, if one were needed that given only some of the pertinent facts the human animal will fill in the blank spots with its own imagination. That is why it is often said that the pictures are always better on radio than TV.

So when a farmer in a remote community finds something he has never seen before, thinks it could be important, takes it to the Sheriff who calls in the military who then involve a clandestine agency of the government it is easy to see how the “Roswell incident”[as it was later termed] became surrounded by speculation and intrigue.

The Roswell Army/Air Force Base put out a press release shortly after the discovery denying that the wreckage that had been found came from anywhere but the Earth and maintained that it was in fact a “Weather balloon” adapted to monitor the occurrence of nuclear explosions something the US government was keen to monitor and control even in 1947. The first nuclear weapons had been tested near there and there was always the fear that espionage would allow the technology to spread.
For many years the information surrounding the discovery at Corona was strictly controlled and suppressed, for a time the cover story was believed but in 1989 a retired mortician [one Glenn Dennis] put forward the detailed account of autopsies performed at the Roswell base upon the bodies of aliens. Dennis claimed that the “Aliens” came from the debris found near Corona and the military passed off as a “Crashed weather balloon”. The “Establishment” had managed to secure all of the “Physical” evidence but not from one site as it was first thought the ensuing investigation following the discovery near Corona but from as many as eleven different locations in the area if contemporary witness statements are not the hoaxes they have been portrayed to be by a government who for its own reasons would rather not share the fact that an “Alien craft” did actually crash land on pasture in New Mexico in 1947.

The wreckage along with any alleged physical remains [alive or otherwise] were eventually passed via Edwards Air Force Base to a then highly secret base at Groom Lake, in south-west Nevada, though it might be known by other names like Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, Watertown, The Strip, The Box, Detachment 3, Neverland, The Factory, and many other euphemistic pseudonyms but for the sake of clarity let us call it Area 51. It is in Lincoln county Nevada and its brief is the scientific dissemination of weapons systems hardware and recovered artefacts. The proving by qualification and testing of new weapons and equipment for the US military; including particle beam weapons, time travel and climatic intervention.
The satellite photos of area 51 can only show what is visible from above and that is somewhat restrictive because much of area 51 is located underground in laboratories, holding facilities and controlled environments where a creature from an alien world could sustain life almost indefinitely.

To believe that an alien culture could technically advance to a point capable of interstellar travel does not take a great leap of faith, our storybooks carry many such scenarios and many examples of science fiction have in the last century become science fact. To accept that an alien craft actually made it as far as the Earth may take a little more understanding. It is equivalent to being marooned on the most remote outpost of our planet say Antarctica; developing the vehicular technology to cross all of the seas and land masses of the world and just as the vehicle is turning into the driveway of The White House or Buckingham palace or the Kremlin it hits a gatepost and no one witnessed this momentous failure to complete the mission.
Unlikely, very unlikely but if we accept that it was not a weather balloon and that it was an alien craft then who or what flew it. Where are they now? If they are in area 51 what did we learn from them? If it was an Alien craft is it likely that one man and his pickup could clear away the debris from a craft that had travelled through the void of space for billions of miles?

The manifold of confusion and misinformation concerning the “Roswell incident” has surrounded the events emanating from June 1947 but if the initial blanket of secrecy had been lifted just enough to satisfy the curiosity of both the media and local inhabitants at the time then a “Pot boiler” of a story would have been laid to rest many years ago.

The US government did not admit to ownership of area 51 until very recently though it was probably the most widely known of the “Black sites”. It is accessed from highway 375 in Nevada and close to the sign that identifies it as the “Extraterrestrial highway” another sign warns visitors that “Extreme force” is authorised to protect the base and what takes place there. Visitors are usually shadowed by “Operatives” of a “Private security company” and no record exists of any incident where Extreme force has been used however the base is said to be experimenting with climate modification weapons, time travel and high energy particle beam weapons. It is also thought that the first models in “One world government” are also being investigated there.
Speculation surrounding the base includes it being used as a facility for the first meeting and subsequent meetings with aliens. One of the conspiracy stories centred upon the base concerns the first Moon landing by American astronauts, it was said that after a long list of failures NASA could not afford another failure particularly as most of the mission was to be televised. Opinion has it that the Moon landing first took place at Groom Lake and was filmed it was believed to be a rehearsal. In the event that anything went catastrophically wrong it was thought that the plan was to substitute the version filmed at Groom Lake for the live transmission from the Moon mission. Soviet satellites frequently over flew and photographed the site, on maps the only indication that there was anything there at all was an old played out mine. When it was learned that spy satellites were documenting the site construction crews moved in and enlarged the played out mine and a great deal of the complex is now underground.
Some of the hardware tested there includes cruise missiles, The A10 tank buster, the F111, Blackbird and the stealth generation of aircraft, more recently scramjet technology has been investigated.

The level of security that would surround such a site would lend itself to the protection of the fact that “Aliens” may have visited the Earth but is it likely that any alien would restrict contact to The USA? Is it likely that they would ignore the larger landmasses of Africa and the Asiatic/European block? If as some believe they had already sent a mission here and that mission had failed to report back why have they not sent another mission to investigate?

To accept that an alien life form capable of travelling across several galaxies to reach Earth and then crash land is asking a lot.
To accept that when they got here they would restrict their contact to the US only is perhaps undermining the intelligence that they undoubtedly would have.
No,if they were here the whole world would know about it by now. It will be sixty years this month since "The Roswell Incident" took place
and that is far too long for any nation that had cornered the market on "Extraterrestials" to keep secret.


Posted: July 17, 2007 

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