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seeking God

i have been..........where i never wanted to end up.
i have based alot of my choices on feelings.
i have hurt, i have caused hurt and i have to live with all these things as they try to race in my head. Well, no more, i dont have to let my bad choices ruin my life, infact, i have put them all in the care of Jesus. i took what little bit of faith i could mustard up, that of a mustard see, and i said, Lord, i just cant do this more. I really screwed up and i need you to help me get to where i need to be! i have begun seeking him, seeking his word, praying not for me, but for others to realize there is a purpose, to SHARE HIS love, to find favor in the sight of GOD other then a hidous, selfish, meaningless end,I can tell you i have found what i have found, only in Christ, He does NOT expect us to be perfect, nOPE.......and all this time i kept thinking, i fall short, so i may as well not even try! wow!what a set up! THere is love, there is forgiveness and he loves each of us where we are at! He doesnt ask us to seek him out to be this person we want ourselves to be! He just asks us to SEEk him, he will allow things in our lives to share to others,  kind of "our story" and that what makes following him so special, he will use us, to show others he is still real,see his love and know he still works miricales, I would be honored to share how i just recieved in the mail, a miriacle! i have been worrying, WHICH IS WHAT HE DOESNT WANT ME  TO DO! (see how easy it is to be human?) well, i was doing the worrying, asking GOD to help me, my son's starting school and he has basic needs for school, a few new clothes, gym shoes, registraion fee, i had NO Means to help him as i have been home with him all summer, we have just moved and had some major adjusting and CLEANING to do, so i havent job hunted until now when school will start, I got a 200.00 check in the mail specifially for my sons school needs! NOW, there is no earthy way i could have gotten 200.00 in the mail, NONE AT ALL! ITS A GOD_thing! My aunt and uncle whom i havnt had contact with in over 9 years....said they had heard i had moved, heard we were having it hard fincaniaclly and they wanted me to use this on my sons school suppiles......! THIS IS SO AWESOME! i am in AWE!......well. its like this, i dont know about you, but i know for me, this is what i am sharing cause it is REAL! i dont have to convince any one i just have to share it! Thats like the men on both sides of jesus while he was on the cross, one chose to believe the other did not.GOD lets us make our own choices its how we make them will we survive the out come, WE NEED to seek him, thats all he ask, we need to admit we are sinners, confess it and live to further his glory, we each have a choice, i dont have to convince you, i just have to share, its up to you, and if you want a realness thats just as fullfilling as a FULL HEART all the time, TRY seeking him and dont ever give up he loves us each, one day at a time, and he loves us right where we are AT!

Posted: August 11, 2007 ,   Modified: August 20, 2007


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