The Dreaming "Twins" : Caroline And Stargazer

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Dream Matches Oct. 20-22  2007

Dreamer EAST Caroline :

Sat 10/20

A woman had a silk outfit in many colors with elaborate embroidery on it, encased in glass.  It was beautiful and the threads glistened.  People were paying money to just look at it.

Sun 10/21

I wrote this down from this dream,
We operate at different levels and the first two levels are primitive and our behavior is crass.  I had just met two people who were at level 1 and 2.  There is an almost musical sound to each level and the sounds were barbaric for the lower levels.  Music seemed to be the thriving force to life.

Mon 10/22

In this dream I was sitting in on a conference of people discussing life and wanting a perfect world.  They were talking about peace, compassion, forgiveness and love.  There were some famous faces in the crowd but they elude me who they were now.  I'm thinking that they are spiritual people....celebrities, etc.  and even from every walk of life.

Nap dream:  A fabric seat in a car was smouldering and someone dumped flour on it to smother it.

Dreamer WEST Stargazer :
Oct 20 :

I recall a woman carrying 2 English saddles outside. I followed her, and wished that I had a horse to ride.  I saw a cute little girl with dark curly hair. I was standing near a house, and a dog came by. He was a short haired Fox terrier. He climbed a ladder to the roof. His owner called him "Jake". I mumbled  "Jake. The ladder climbing dog." I heard the name "Brongo" and saw some clown costumes on two men. I said I wanted something brighter to wear. I had something to do with food. I saw a woman with a baby still in diapers. My last image featured Renee Zellweger leading a burro through some tall woods. She had on white slippers.
Oct 21 :
Strange choppy dreams. I recall using an outdoor latrine with another woman at night. We laughed. My old farm. Sunny day, and people were using my pasture with a dirt road to avoid the highway. I remember insects and web worms in a glass jar full of grain. Fleeting scenes about life lectures. I had a false awakening dream, and wanted to go back to bed (when I was actually already dreaming). I remember holding my hands straight out for 2 doctors to look at. Some of my fingers were shaking. It didn't bother me. (these dreams were hard to recall)
Oct 22 :
I was with a boyfriend, M, and we were eagerly awaiting the arrival of a fuzzy reddish brown baby steer. I was anxious to see him move into his stall, and be our work pet. I switched to a college open area outside, and saw a sign " Free Stuff". I looked at a white leather purse, but it had a coin purse inside it, and I felt coins. I thought it was odd, and I saw a piece of masking tape with one dollar price written on it. I saw matching gloves. I took both items. I wandered to another area, and saw rosettes for horse harnesses.(decorations for the leather) They were all a pretty blue clear glass, and one was Anubis. Egyptian God. (just the head) I loved the color. I saw a leather quirt. ( a hand whip) (I see a dream theme) My last dream had me standing with a man and woman from Egypt. They had a little girl, and he wanted me as a wife. I awoke.

Matches/ Themes/ Similarites :

money....coins /one dollar


conference of people discussing life..fleeting scenes about life lectures  (good one)

Celebrities ........Renee Zellweger


Theme : subservience : ladder dog, steer, riding horse, burro, Second wife. (Stargazer)

Theme : elevating consciousness  (Caroline)

This was a bit different, but we managed to come up with great matches. We are evolving in this experience. Thank you for coming by. Keep Dreaming !

C October 23 2007

The Dreaming 'Twins" Caroline And Stargazer

Posted: October 23, 2007 




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