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true confessions
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for a lifetime

watchin a movie a lady just gave brith to a beautiful baby boy. a visitor asked where the father was. She replies who knows, hes married. I wonder if my son will grow up and be like that. The vistor responded by stating with the right love he will be the perfect gentlemen.
I know realized 6 months into that, that it doesnt mean my son will grow up and leave his children, and sell drugs. ITs about how I raise him. What I help him beleive is right and wrong. As poo helped me see no one excpet my sons father will know the reasons why he left us, but him. I caint sit around and wonder what if and why. I can only be the mom I have always pictured myself being. Giving my son the love I always knew i would be able to provide. I will love him unconditionally for a lifetime.

Posted: November 7, 2008 

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