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true confessions
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when blinded still beleive

ive heard over and over thought my life that with men the signs are always there. there right from the beginning. With my that were friedns were admitting things. do people ever really change? I guess not. with poo we had an all truths coversations. said he cheated on me numerous times and everyone that knows him knows he caint just be with one girl. for our new found freindship im greatful cus now i know, see and believe that people dont change. he said it didnt matter cus he always came back to me. well, as a female we just dont think like that. i tried to help him see why his so called babysitter left. i tried to help him see that...well it doesnt matter. Before we dated i knew how he was but had such faith that things would be different with us. ironic how i just rote a blog about me choosin two great men to love and care for deeply. i take it back. as women we hate to admit that things are sometimes bad, when we and everyone around us had the signs and simply chose to ignore them. with the father of my son, i had the sign now that i look back that he would in fact be a deabeat he is. Sometimes we just take heed a little too late.  Ive done that twice. and now i have a son to care for alone, all becuase i was blind and beleived that people do and can change.

Posted: November 8, 2008 

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