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true confessions
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My bodys going nuts...I only want to sleep...and eat...and figure out ways to save 350 for the cirucmsion, pay rent to my mom, and get my seat belts fixed....

money is running low still despite my new baby revised budget. Im babysitting more despite never feeling like it as much as i can...that mean gotta go gotta go gotta go!

im single love the new hit by beyonce by the way. plentyoffish leave conversation time for me to just be me again..but makes me wonder and caint help but question what the world needs..more like the USA...

obama is president but he caint change the way men treat they leave us..and make them see they need to be fathers...its on my ind all the time and just wont ever go away. the second i think of him my eyes flood with tears....he has so much money and hasnt given me a dime, muhc less answered any of my class. im playing detective to see where he moved to..isnt going to well...all of our mutal contacts all seem to be on his side. i wonder if nething will work out. seems as if the most precious things are priceless but right now i need to opposite of that..i need his money..even if it is drug money...last resort is take the dangerous step and well i caint even type that in this blog...

Posted: November 12, 2008 

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