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true confessions
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ok so its obvious by now that i have more than just one clique....

theres me andi and ana-enough blogs bout them to need no explaniation

but then theres us. jackie. steph. and leisha...

way back in high school graduation week we all had a blast. seems like off to college we went and our very seperate ways. were all women now, have out own lifes more spereate from eachother than before. were all almost done with college. imma a mommy, jackies practially married, leisha is wiser than ever, with a new man, new apartment, and soon to be crossing over. then last but not least my stephy! im so proud of her. shes back in shcool has her own place and workin like two jobs that i can count lol. so we've decided to over thanksgiving to make a pact. ill let you know how that goes.

then i have my hoho-down since what 6th grade? were both about to be mommies and she is engaged.

then i have my z-z, my d.a.b been besties ever since we met and well when we see eachother theres always so much to cath up on.

then i have tiera worked with her a jcp, found out were mommies at the same time. found out were having boys at the same time. but now i find out shes engaged and moving to VA. time files.

then i have my sisters and becuase of whatever reason weve never been as close as we should. my tiff is having a boy and wow weve both grown so much. but i know with out a doubt that we are related due to the overpowering love of balloons!

tore- well your an story in yourself- i have so many moments with you and ill never admit those to those who dont see...

as we all grow and life takes us our sepreate ways i hope well ill always remain the best of freidns with you. we all have our ups and down but still our undying always forgiving love will always press on no matter where life takes us!

-still havent forgot about addie who i met and been close with 6grade to college..somehow we just grew parat but she will always have a place in my heart no matter how many years past.

Posted: November 14, 2008 

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