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true confessions
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a maze ing

today i had to wake up and go to a workforce meeting. i usually get things out of them but today was different. at the end we played a game. he made a 6*7 bored of squares on the capet with tape. the object was to go throught the maze with out talking, but with the help of everyone else. there was a set path that only he knew. if we went to a wrong square we got a buzz and had to leave out the same way we came in. if we took a wrong move on the way out we we would loose 5 seconds. object was to get everyone in the group of i think 15 people through the maze in 10 minutes. it was more fun than i ever imagined.

it taught me that its ok to rely on others for not just the answers but help in finding the right path for me. being alone in my pregnancy i have need more help already than i ever imagined. its ok to be a follwer sometimes. and the mistakes that we make have already been made by others. but key is that we all take steps in the wrong direction and have to start all over. like the conductor of the game said when we got buzzed...wich we all did, our shoulders fell and we turned around and had to start over. that made me feel so much more comfortable knowing my situation. im happy for all of my freinds and loved ones. i know that its ok to miss him and need help from others to get through this joyous time and also very difficult time. its ok to lead and follow. its ok to make mistakes, and be hurt by them. its ok to let your shoulders fall, as long as you turn around and correct your steps.

Posted: November 15, 2008 

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