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true confessions
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ill take contractions for 10-minutes

ok so uh..this shouldnt be happening already? so soon? wait are you sure its contactions? oh guess so...breathe!

oh dance around ignore the pain,

stay calm. Breathe.

hes fine im...ouch..fine

get dressed...wait this dont match.

ok that does.

sit down. wait

doctor calls.

go to the er. ok well fine. ill call my mom. wow she got here fast. wait hows my hair..ok not the time is it?

er. check in. bleeding? was but not right now. oh upstairs we go.

hook me up to the monitors. jaylen. your heart beat wasnt as fast as normal. but it was still normal. your moving kicking these things off of mommy..but they not going no where. so will you stop please? ok guess not. ouch. breath? was that a contraction again so soon? guess so. omg whats going to happen? tear did i do something wrong? should i call avion? no he wont show. ugh! i caint do this alone.

time to go home. contractions and bleeding have slowed. bed rest? huh whats that? difference in being lazy and having to be lazy. i dont have to do nothing...but be lazy. its driving me crazy. tv off. paper to do. due in the am havent even started. listen to the rain and dream. dream of "paradise".

Posted: November 25, 2008 

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