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What Abby Did

As America celebrates its independence, I would like to share with you a recent letter Iíd received that gives a true snapshot of todayís America and offers a bit of hope for our future, and a better America for our kids and grandkids. With her permission, hereís Shannonís exact letter:

Dear Mr. Camp,

My name is Shannon. I live in a small town in Georgia. Me and husband got married in 1995 and we have a beautiful daughter in high school named Abby. One day our daughter excitedly brought a book home in which they had read as a class assignment and kept urging her father to read it. Mind you, my husband is not a book reader in any sense, but my daughter was persistent and somehow got him to read it. After dinner my husband sat in his favorite chair and finished the book later that night. When he came to bed that night my husband looked me straight in the eye and told me that he loved me. I began to cry because my husband hadnít told me that in ten years.

You see, Iím White and before I married my husband Iíd dated a Black man. Some people knew about my past in our town but my husband only found out about it ten years ago. We only had one real conversation about it and it wasnít good. Our daughter was only six at that time and I remember her waking up and overhearing most of it. Our family hasnít been the same since that night. I love my husband very much and heís a good man, but just like a lot of White men in our area he is still struggling to come to terms with the ways of his fatherís and his grandfatherís generation.

That night, after my husband told me that he loved me he began to explain how a character in the book named Jack had opened his eyes. Mr. Camp, thank you for writing Wet Matches. Our home is a happy place now. What you did and what my daughter did probably saved my marriage.

Forever grateful,


Please have a Happy and Safe Independence Day, Everyone! Ė Randolph Randy Camp

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