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Beauty Beneath Our Feet

Iím a thousand miles away from my hometown. I have some fond memories of my childhood in Virginia. It would be a lie if I said that it didnít bother me whenever thereís national news coverage of an event happening in Virginia that may directly or indirectly cloud certain of these precious memories.

During my elementary years, our class was blessed to partake in one of the best school field trips ever! Underneath the picturesque Blue Ridge mountains that flank the scenic Skyline Drive through Shenandoah Valley, there are beautiful, massive caves. Our field trip to the Luray Caverns so many years ago will stay with me forever. After this amazing trip, I remember being so inspired that I wrote one of my many short stories as a kid. That story was about a lightning bug named Gloria who led me to a secret tree trunk in the woods, which then led to an underground world where everybody would light up and change colors every few seconds. No one stayed the same color. Itís because of this and many other reasons why I cherish some of my childhood memories.

This past weekend, Charlottesville, Virginia, was in the national spotlight again. The scars from the Civil War still lingers, and recent heated debates over the removal of Confederate statues are opening old wounds. Ironically, underneath the feet where all of this ugly fussing ní fighting is taken place is the beautiful caverns below Shenandoah Valley. These majestic caves have been here long before the Civil War and will be here long after weíre all gone. For our kidsí and our grandkidsí sake, there must be something that we can learn from the beauty beneath our feet. Ė Randolph Randy Camp

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