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Reflections: Sunday Afternoons

I grew up approximately fifty miles in between Washington, DC and Richmond, Virginia in rural Spotsylvania County. America, during the 60’s and early 70’s was experiencing civil unrest and heated racial tensions. Remarkably, in spite of America’s strife during those turbulent years, our Grandparents were able to let us see the sunshine, regardless of the darkness around us. Here’s my childhood reflections on our Sunday afternoons:

There were chickens picking at the red bologna strings in the yard and a whole lot of love on the porch every Sunday afternoon at Ruff n’ Ma’Rie’s. There was an old, rust-spotted Ford sitting in the yard that I’ve never seen moved, not even once, but on Sundays, if you believed the wild stories from Uncle Carl’s and Scootie’s mouths, they had you thinking that that ol’ Ford had them running 208 and the back roads from Spotsy to Fredericksburg just last night! Man, on Sundays you could hear some wild stories.

Yep, on Sunday afternoons, all of my uncles, aunts, and cousins would gather up at Ruff n’ Ma’Rie’s. We all came from them. I never got a chance to thank my beloved Grandparents for what they’ve given us.

Thank you Ruff n’ Ma’Rie for giving us Maitland, who’d left us too soon but gave us the legacy of music and gold with Brenda, Francis, Snookum, Kenny, Jimmy James and Lonnie. Thank you Ma’Rie n’ Ruff for giving us sweet Josephine, better known to us as “Phine”, and let’s not forget your precious gifts of Uncle Roosevelt, Uncle Carl, Uncle Scootie, Aunt Edith Mae, Aunt Ruth Edna, and Aunt ‘Margret’rie’. And I, of course, wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my Mother, Lorene, who was another piece of gold from your Brook’s tree.

Yes indeed, we all came from you two. So, thank you again Ma’Rie n’ Ruff for those precious Sunday afternoons and for everything you’ve done for us ‘cause we are who we are now, in 2017, because of you and our golden roots. And we’re forever grateful that we all came from you two. Yep, thank you Ruff n’ Ma’Rie for the big juicy strawberries down the hill and all of ‘em wonderful stories and love on the porch.

No matter what you and your family are going through at this time, I hope that you’re able to let some sunshine in, regardless of the dark clouds that maybe lingering above. – Randolph Randy Camp

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