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Lighting Sparks

It’s Friday, September 29th and I’m filled with gratitude and overjoyed this morning after reading a letter from one of my new blog followers. Melissa is 14 years old. She’s from South Carolina and excitedly informed me that she was motivated to start her own neighborhood newsletter after reading one of my older blog posts.
More than book sales, more than anything, what motivates me most is lighting sparks. This is the blog post that lit a spark in Melissa:

As I’m about to pack up and head back home, I can’t seem to get this 17 year old girl out of my mind who’d approached me at the book signing earlier today. She had dyed her hair with yellow and purple streaks similar to ‘Teki’, one of my characters in my latest novel, and she walked up to me slowly with an acoustic guitar strapped around her shoulders.
Unlike the others in line, this young lady didn’t have one of my books in her hand for me to sign, instead she politely asked, “Mr. Camp, can I sing you a song?” I nodded ‘sure’ and she started strumming her six-string. She blew me away as she sung “Vehicles”, a song I’d written for ‘Teki’, which was featured in the novel ’29 Dimes’.
A small crowd had gathered around her as she filled the air with her beautiful voice and played the guitar. Needless to say, it was a special moment. After she’d finished the song, we had a moment to chat, and that’s when she told me that she never knew what she wanted to do with her life until about a year ago when she read ’29 Dimes’ and started identifying with the character ‘Teki’. She went on to tell me that she now is destined to write and hopefully record her own songs.
I told her that she has a God-given talent, and then I reminded her of the old adage, “There are two important dates in your life, the day you was born and the day you discover why you was born.”

I’m slowly approaching sixty now and over the years, I’ve learned that lighting sparks in others has a way greater value than chasing dollars. Have a great weekend, Everyone. And to you, Melissa, thank you so much for re-lighting the spark in me. – Randolph Randy Camp

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