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Rappahannock Dreams: A Sort of Homecoming

I was such a weird nerdy kid growing up. When I was thirteen I was briefly admitted to Mary Washington Hospital due to a football injury. I remember this really nice nurse having small talk with me, trying to ease my pain. Ill never forget the look on her face when shed asked me, So, tell me young man, what do you want to be when you grow up? Be a running back or a wide receiver in the NFL? Without hesitation, I said, To write a book one day and see it in all the libraries so everybody can read it. Man, the look on her face. Still today, I smile inside every time I think of her.

As a kid growing up in Spotsylvania County and Fredericksburg, I used to spend a lot of time sitting along the banks of the Rappahannock River. Always equipped with a pen and pad, I would sit and watch the water flow downstream, then jot down my thoughts and dreams. And through the years, those little notes and thoughts Id jotted down by the river eventually evolved into my published works today.

Were fast approaching 2018, and its been over forty-plus years since I had those Rappahannock dreams. Today, Im so honored and grateful to the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library in New York, The Public Library of Des Moines, The Central Rappahannock Regional Library in Fredericksburg, Virginia, ect. for having my novels as part of their library book collection. I guess dreams do come true, huh? I sincerely hope that all of your dreams have (or will) come to fruition as well.

And, Im happy to announce that, in 2 weeks, Ill be appearing at the John J. Wright Educational and Cultural Center, 7565 Courthouse Road, in Spotsylvania County on Saturday, December 9th, from 10am to 12noon for a Book Signing Presentation Event. *(Go to Facebook Events for details) I would love to see all of my classmates, especially from the (Spotsylvania Sr. High School) Class of 79, book lovers, readers, friends and loved ones there. Hope you can make it!

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