The Dreaming "Twins" : Caroline And Stargazer

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Dreams : Stargazer January 25 to 27  2018

Dreamer WEST : Stargazer

January 25 :

Crazy man in an RV with a gun. I walked to school with a young man. I had a note tablet device.

January 26 :

Friend Elizabeth was meditating nude. She was peaceful. I had to leave without getting a massage.

January 27 :

Bread buildings. Stairs, people, hallways, windy. I was at someones house, and a man stared at me from his chair, as he half watched TV. I went to get a nice shower, and it felt so real to me. I recall strawberries, and a pirate in cat eye sunglasses. He was in a movie, and I said "they had not been invented yet" so the scene changed suddenly. Young woman mentioned Israel as the victim, and said Palestinians were terrorists. I told her she had that backwards.

January 28 2018

Stargazer Of The Dreaming "Twins"

Posted: January 28, 2018 




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