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The Dreaming "Twins" : Caroline And Stargazer
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Dreams : Stargazer January 28 to 30  2018

Dreamer WEST : Stargazer


My hair. mirror, vague people images. Scary woman followed me to my computer, and tried to sit down and take over. I told her no, and sat down in my chair. I said no one uses my computer but me. She sat in a chair next to me, but slid out of it.

January 29 :

Trucks. man, woman, sliding board. Line at dime store. I went into a building that had mazes everywhere. Young men headed for a murky hole in the wall, and I tried to find my way out. Dog drank bad water. I met a man in  a toga with a baby who asked me to kill him something to eat, and I said No. he didn't press the issue. He was blonde, and  kissed him.

January 30 :

Man and woman had a message about choosing a particular company. Man wanted me to wear a plastic hazmat gown/ suit, and assist in cutting people up. I said no.

February 2 2018

Stargazer Of The Dreaming "Twins"

Posted: February 2, 2018 


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