The Dreaming "Twins" : Caroline And Stargazer

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Dreams : Stargazer February 18 to 20 2018

Dreamer WEST : Stargazer

February 18 :

Black car. Vegan goods delivered to the inside. I was a passenger backing out of a a parking lot, and feared being hit broadside.

February 19 :

Woman was banging her head against a big red exercise ball.

February 20 :

I ran off trashy people who were sitting on my porch. They lived across from me. Man appeared at a window in a flowered shirt. He looked like Frank Zappa. I tapped on the window as he was looking for a weak spot in the window sill. I showed him my gun. An Indian on a cliff shot a fast arrow at a man and woman on a buckboard. Building with a scary looking ranting woman. I said "take it easy sis" and she replied "I'm not your sis." I threw paper over a railing.

February 23 2018

Stargazer Of The Dreaming "Twins"

Posted: February 23, 2018 




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