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Raise Your Voice For Safer Schools

We’ve reached a sad point in America when sending our kids to school has become a safety issue. Periodic shooter drills have become the norm in a lot of school districts, and now I’m hearing talk of arming certain teachers and giving them a bonus.

The pay bonus part is long overdue. In fact, all teachers everywhere should be given a pay raise immediately. But, personally, I don’t like the idea of arming our school teachers though. Going to school and working within the school system should be a fun, peaceful learning experience for everyone. Imprisoning our schools, I think, will only invite unnecessary stress and anxiety into our classrooms. Years ago, when I was a little boy growing up in rural Virginia, school was my sanctuary. I absolutely loved going to school back then, and the kids today certainly deserve an enjoyable school experience as well. It’s 2018 now, and I truly believe that we can make our schools safer and give parents and caregivers more peace of mind when sending their kids off to school each morning.

Sadly, America is a money-driven society. We shouldn’t let the NRA-backed officials put financial gain ahead of public safety and common sense. Why should we promote and further advocate guns by arming our school teachers when we have the technical know-how to disrupt and make a shooter’s weapon inoperable? In this modern, digital age of driverless vehicles, voice-activated devices, GPS, drones, countless smart gadgets and phones, we are certainly far too intelligent and technically advanced to cope with a contemporary 2018 issue, such as gun control, with outdated 1970’s ideas and solutions.

Although we don’t hear too much about this, we already have a few companies out there that can show retailers and gun manufacturers how to install software and micro-chips in their products that could make the guns unusable in certain specified areas, such as schools. Additionally, wouldn’t it be nice if the local police or the school office could be automatically alerted when a concealed weapon (or otherwise) enters the school perimeter. It’s an outright disservice to our kids to knowingly have this capability and not use it to make them feel safe at school.

If you’re a kid going to school now with a touch of fear, and if you’re a parent wanting more peace of mind when sending your kids off to school, then please use your voice and raise your voice by contacting your Federal and State Senators and Congresspersons. Too often, we feel helpless when we hear the tragic news of school shootings. You can make a difference. Tell folks how you really feel. Take a few moments and reach out to your local government. Ask your local representatives if they are aware of these existing companies that have the knowledge and capability to inconspicuously disengage a shooter’s weapon. And if they do not, then raise your voice to tell them to wisely use their time and taxpayers’ dollars to check these companies out for our kids’ sake. – Randolph Randy Camp

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