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So Separatist
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Thoughts On Religion (Posted: Apr 5,   Modified: Apr 5)
Religion, such a strange word. It is damning word, an inspiring word, a subject to debate and question and prod and poke. People who constantly preach wind me up, I don't throw my beliefs in peoples faces. Coming from where I come from the safest place to be is agnostic. You have your Catholics and protestants, Atheist and Muslims all running around kicking each others heads in. All this for something we can't prove!!!

Right, before I go on, I am not condemning anybody or their faith, this being the reason I wont give my religion or beliefs out so I cannot be condemned or be biased. I am not fighting for a cause, so if you are likely to offended by anything at all, switch blog and don't blame me. (Disclaimer been read??? Good you may continue)

Human nature knows that no one person can run a company on their own. It is impossible to manage your staff, run a human resources department, deal with marketing and sales analysis, information and communication technology, and so on and so forth.

So with this in mind, and all practical abilities taken into consideration, why is the idea of a pantheon not more appealing (remembering in some faiths we are made in his image) to those in faith? Now take the ancient Greeks and their religions. Zeus (Managing Director) managed his work through Apollo, Aries etc... now these are the board of directors in your company, not forgetting demi gods like dyonises (god of Theatre and Orgies my favourite Demi God) now all these gods had their little tasks to do and ran Greece well.

What we are also forgetting are the fact that the Greeks were probably one of the most important races of people to date. For instance the Hypocratic Oath is still taken by all doctors in all countries after Hypocrates theorised all those years ago, The wheel reputedly invented by a Greek. Literature and Science were rife due to the Greeks thirst for knowledge and expansion, so why are their religious theories so easily cast aside?

Maybe it is the religious merge with literature that does them no favours, reading a lot about Hercules, Icarus, The Trojan wars all great stories rich with religious characters, and many of them echoed in Christianity (The ferryman mentioned in Troy, Hades is where the concept of Hell originated according to many theorists since). It makes me wonder why a man who walked on water and turned water to wine is more believable than a three headed dog guarding the gates of Hades.

What also strikes me as slightly coincidental is the change from pantheons to a 'one' god represents the evolution of humanity in the way, one god simplifies everything. Just like technology through the ages is purely it make a human have to do less to do more, only worshipping one god once a week (or nightly depending on your devotion) is better than many rituals (some which include killing things) daily or constantly.

For example, this site could be done like it is, where I am thinking and writing and it is published in seconds. Alternative, we write on a piece of paper and mail it The daily Blog and receive it all in the post. Or think of it this way, I for one don't bother ordering magazines now I have access to the internet for all gig guides and band news and poetry, story and blog sites for i have no need to go to all that trouble.

So how long will it be before we start emailing our prayers? I wouldn't have thought very long really.

But Christianity has it's own little irony really, as the Greek faith had big gods and little gods, Christianity has the two big ones (Catholicism and Protestantism) suddenly followed by Church of England (The liberal Democrats of the religious world) Methodism, Quakerism and so on and so forth. It is funny how it mirrors politics too (and causes more and more.)

What I also don't get, Judaism and Christianity worship the same god correct, they just argue about whether he impregnanted a woman many years ago.

So how should we view religion, is it an evolutionary technology designed to control people and facilitate their faiths and daily lives. What is the correct thing to believe, and how will we ever know. Some things are worth believing correct, but which of it is worth fighting for?

Feel free to email me with a point of view.

This is why I have chosen to look at it from above, I have opinions on this matter but I am not the preaching kind, I am only asking certain questions of those who pertain to know that God exists in what form they choose. I do hope I haven't offended anyone, but then if I have then they have obviously found an insecurity within whatever chosen faith they parade themselves around in.

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