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Has anybody seen my holiday spirit? (Posted: Dec 11)
It's just another day.
Headed for that imfamous day.
Ho hum, ho hum.
No money for Christmas. Alot of us are in the same boat. I am trying to help a mother of 6 get together gifts for kids under 11. I love doing this. If we can't have a Christmas here the least I can do is help others at Christmastime. Depression gets worse as the anxiety gets worse. As the depression and anxiety gets worse it tightens your muscles. When your muscles tighten you end up in more pain. When you end up in more pain then your depression and anxiety get worse. When your depression and anxiety gets worse your muscles tighten even more. What a vicious cycle. Well I say life is exactly the same as that cycle. If I could only figure out how to break that vicious cycle in life then possibly I could break the depression, anxiety and pain cycle?????

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