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Unburdening and Moving On
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Here you will find some poetry, some funny stories, some very tragic stories but most of all I hope you'll find inspiration.

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The scary C word. (Posted: Dec 22)
Well campers, itís been a while since I have written anything. I guess that just shows that things have been going well. Today I heard the big C. Cancer. Luckily itís not the real scary kind just skin cancer. Funny thing is I am more angry than scared. Last year I noticed a small spot on my forehead and ran straight to a dermatologist. She did a scrape and sent it to the lab. The verdict Ė itís nothing to worry about. Slowly that spot grew and grew until it was 5 times its original size. At a routine check up last week my general practitioner asked about it. Even though I assured him it was nothing he insisted on doing a biopsy. Praise the Lord for pushy family doctors. Turns out itís a basal cell carcinoma and I have to have surgery on my forehead. Anyone would find that scary but I think women find it more so than men. It is so hard for me to understand how the specialist could have been so wrong. I guess I am also angry because I have always been sunaphobic. I have never had a sunburn or tanned. Having really fair skin has always made me very conscious of overexposure. I keep asking myself how this could of happened but I guess there really isnít an answer. This isnít the best Christmas present I have ever gotten. Thatís for sure. I know the Lord will help me through this but still Iím shaking in my boots. Next week I will know the extent of the damage. The doctor says that with this kind of cancer what you see on the surface is usually just the tip of the iceberg and there could me much more underneath. Aw well, there goes my chances of becoming the next supermodel. Anyone out there reading this say a prayer for me. Thanks!

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