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Against all Odds (Posted: Aug 15)

Know me when Iím gone
Shedding tears from above
In a care of heavenly touch
Far from lonely kingdoms
A world that I love..

Did u know my causes might go unheard?

I am the rich manís seed
Planted in my motherís womb
Shaped by parentís wish
This body grew up to be six feet tall
Heart cried for more
Relieve warm desire
At streets and bars
Drunken solace
Ignorance of my peers
Tried to find love
Sketched another girlís nudity
Under dark skies
And I presented my sketches to the sea
Preserve among whales, dolphins
Save for sailors of seas
Imaginary brothers
They hold my hand
Condemning destruction of the green
Holocausts of a nuclear age
Forfeiting leaders of
The powerful west.

I am the Secretary Generalís holiest nightmare
All inequality world shares
Plant my bombs in Serbia
Freeing Musalmans of a plight others dare
No persecution can heal wounds
Ever-changing world
In games of White manís ruleÖ

Iím a being with a million words
Trust senses of a higher world
No threats can suppress these thoughts
Play sweet music when Iím down
Trying to find roots of justice, pain
U might find some tunes sweet
Think of a time to speak
Message shall be crystal clear..

Mornings bring a happy smile
Bereaved to say goodbye
To birds at the end of sight
Messengers of thunder and skies
Hours roll as day gets old
Tales of a rat race
Humans can only behold
Footsteps of a less trodden path
Footsteps of a less trodden path
An artistís wish so that a poet returns
Discover ups, downs
Like waves of a tireless oceanís scorns.

I pray to emblems of insanity
Positive in nature
Mercilessly ruthless on ignorance, fear
Many a hand touched this hair
Left impressions left to dare
Fight tyranny of all peers,
Hopes run high
Destiny makes living clear
Under a tranquility of hallucinogenic frontiers
Bright light at the end of the tunnel
Waiting to shun silence
Unfulfilled like the Poets passion..

I possess a demon of Satanic spells
Set free in my garden
Contemplating its deeds
Under the ancient Banyan
Vultures remain my friend
Bemused till the end
Smile to blink last wish.
Death and my eyes
Period of waiting for flesh
Receive wisdom of an artistic blend..

I sight established doctrines
Challenge them
Disobey wise words
Make friends with thoughts
Study all beliefs
Leave many Goddesses heart broken
Fun and wild
Loose interest after a short while
Every time,
Trying to learn cycles of life
Like Einstein

Our lives are full of fear
Great speeches, bullet holes
Like Hitler Iím a foe..

Hum a song while
I search a leper in the crowd
Announce arrival of Jesus
Save weary from a wicked spell
Healing soul for spirits to drift
Cross barriers of an eternal life
Return and remain
Telling stories of heaven and hell
Dead never tell
When they bid farewell.

I long a life without end
Where words ring a bell
For U to figure meanings
Of a poets hell
Ways of a rebel.

Causes remainÖ.

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