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Life As I See It (Solutions Included)- by AZ
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Hello and welcome to the simple ramblings of an average American. I have no degrees. I do not claim to be an expert in anything but my opinion. All have a voice and you are about to read mine. My intention is not to offend. My intentions with this page is to attempt to wake up a sleeping nation. A nation that once shone brightly as one of choice, chances, and grand vision. A nation that was at one time not afraid to defend our freedom as a people of one instead of tying up our courts with pettiness and a lack of personal responsibility. A nation that was founded on the principals our forefathers lived by given to them by Creator. It is a nation that has made many mistakes. When you are the first to try something different there are lots of chances to make those mistakes. We have to learn from these mistakes of our past and do all in our power not to repeat them rather than hold them over each other's heads. Most of us had nothing to do personally with the slave trade or the massacre and corralling of the Indians, yet we hear of these as if they happened last Tuesday. I ask you to open your mind to the dream our founding fathers had. Read not for mere entertainment. Read to grow. Read to be different and do different. Read because we all have the right to BE!

Where One Goes When They Fall Off The Face Of The Earth (Posted: Jun 17)
It has been a LONG time since I have been able to do anything of any substance on my web pages. I just started a new job a few weeks ago which eats some of my time away that was once used surfing, writing, and ranting. So off the face of the earth I have fallen, not just on the WWW, but also within my circle of friends in reality.

Just seeing the last time I even typed a blog got me to thinking. How does one's life lose people and pastimes without one realizing it? For example: I had a friend in grade school from kindergarten till my freshmen year in high school. We spent a lot of time together every week. We went to the same school, the same church, and lived within a bike ride of each other. Today, I have not talked to this friend in over nine years. We did not get into a fight. We just stopped communicating.

I have friends that have disappeared as recently as just a few months ago. A few of them I tried to reconnect with and hang out again. It was so awkward! It was as if six months had changed me (or both of us) so much I couldn't relate to someone I hung out with four and five days a week.

It is like that day as a child when you look at your favorite stuffed animal and it all of a sudden is just a plush toy. One day you are riding your big wheel and the next a dirt bike.

My poetry goes like that sometimes (and evidently so does my blogs). I can go months without writing a single poem and then in one week I will write 12 or 15 poems.

Who knows where the last month went, but went it did. The good news is off the face of the earth, I am working toward getting my own house (again), my book of poetry came today via UPS so it will be reading for the stores soon, little league baseball is not riddled with steroids, and puppies still can bring smiles to even the most hardened of hearts.

I plan on bringing my schedule back under control and get on here at least once a week. And I have not forgotten about my series on the constitution. In fact, I have started looking into what it takes to throw one's hat into the political ring. Well, blessings to you all sent from the place where one goes when they fall off the face of the earth!

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