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My words on paper....
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Heyy I'm Rebecca Wolinski most of my friends call me Becky, bex, or becca. I'm a average girl. I'm active in sports and have tons of friends who I love very much.
Also you can find me at MySpace, Although it says that I'm 20 I'm really only 13 please do not report me this is my way of keeping in contact with my friends far away.

hahah. (Posted: Jan 22)
guys suck quite alot. =]
year & five months down the drain with wayne.
5 months of that waiting for him through basic training and tech school.
New boyfriend though, like him alot I guess.
Sophomore in high school, I do Varsity soccer, Varsity track, and just started wrestling. Yes, I'm a wrestler, all 101 pounds =]
Oh and the assistant coach is my boyfriend haha.
Messed up a bit? You bet.

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