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The Blue Rose Of Love 2005
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 About the Author
Hello my name is Sheena Douglas, I am 23 years old I thought I would take the time and tell you about myself. As you already know i'm 23 years old I'm disabled I have Cerebral Palsy, it affects my legs I'm not able to walk so I have to use a power chair to get around in I'm pretty much normal other wise except for being disabled but oh well thats part of life. I am a collage student I'm studying to be a parent educator I'm a teachers aide I work with childeren W/ special needs of all ages. I like hanging out with my friends and just have a good time, I live in Silver Spring Maryland its really boring here there is nothing but drama . Well I guess that is it for now I don't wanna bore you lol feel free to ask me questions i'm pretty honest and open. If anyone wants to know more about me feel free to drop an email I wont bite I promise!

About the Author


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