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The Blue Rose Of Love 2005
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Hello Everyone, Welcome to my site as you well see in the next weeks I will take you with me as I take my path through a journey of love, you will see my ups and downs and so see how my emotions can get the best of me.

I hope that you will be able to relate to some of my stories it has made me a stronger person through my journy of love I have learned how to love and have found the love of my love.

Thank you for taking this journy with me.

Signed your friend BlueRose!!!

Thank You For Visiting!

My introduction (Posted: May 4)
Hello everyone!

I guess I should start by telling you how I met my boyfriend It all started when I had the idea to start looking for pen pals because I always like to meet new people and I also was lonely at the time I just wanted to see what whould happen.

I ran across this website caled it looked cool to me so I said ok I will set up my profile as days went by people started to look at my profile, but there was this one person who had a profile just like me it was almost like a male version of me there was just something about him that was special but I said no I wont email him cause he probably wont like me.

Two weeks later I was checking email and I got an email from Georgia man I was shooked cause I had just saw his profile two weeks ago he emailed saying that he like my profile and I sound very nice I emailed back saying I would love to talk to him.

He emailed back a second time and if If I could talk online I said sure so we talked online and we hit it off then he asked me out and we have been going out ever since September 2004.


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