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Poetry Is my Life
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She is gone today (Posted: Mar 21)
She is gone today
Oh what shall we do
Who will entertain us
and make us less Blue
She is missing again
oh what a bore
the library is closed
and locked at the door
She is away right now
this is sad I say
I'll have to find keenan
and talk to her today
She'll have to entertain us
since Mrs. Kibler is ill
or maybe she had a a seat
in a meeting to fill
I know is only this
Only a bad "librain" goes away
leaving us here
on such a cloudy day
"Mrs. kibler you were gone"
"Oh that's no suprise"
Where where you at"
" sorry. Have to go, bye"
So there she goes
going away
always to busy
To be here each day.


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