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Have fun and remember it's my life. It may be boring at times but it's still my life .

It's been a while (Posted: Dec 21)

Hey world,

so let's see i been single for 3 moths know and i am just getting back to the things i used to do . I am working and going to school. Witch is more fun then i thougth it was going to be. I been so busy with work and school that i am slowly seeing my life get back to normal (what ever that mean)No more crying and been hurt, I have come to terms with my brake up. There's been guys that have tryed to ask me out but i am not ready for that. School's really good it's fun amd the fact that i just had my 22b-day was even better, My alex,jeff, heather and chris went up to nyc to party and let's just say what happens in nyc stay there , lol, but it was fun

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