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FARTHER ALONG (Posted: Jun 22)

There’s an old gospel song that says, “Farther along we’ll know all about it”. I truly believe that we will be enlightened some day and know all about it, it being the work of our Lord. When we get to Heaven, those of us that are going there, I think all things will be revealed to us.

How many times have you read a passage in the Word, and wished you could better interpret what it truly meant? Someday when we see the Good Shepherd all things will be explained to us.

Another line of that song says, “Farther along we’ll understand why”. That statement truly speaks volumes. We will understand why! Why God made everything as He did, and why He made man just a little lower than the angels. He could just as easily made man equal to the angels, but that was not in His master plan. I thank God that He made things just as they are; however, man came along and messed things up top the point that some of Gods’ greatest creations are barely recognizable.

Another line from that song says, “cheer up, my brother, live in the sunshine”, that gives me joy just to read those words and know that God’s people can live in the sunshine no matter how bleak the times may get. And then it says, “We’ll understand it all by and by”.

The one line that has great meaning to me is, “Faithful till death said our loving Master, a few more days to labor and wait; Toils of the road will then seem as nothing, As we sweep thru the beautiful gate”. If those words don’t start your fire, your wood is wet.

There are several other verses just as apropos; however, time and space precludes me from expounding further.


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