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Hurricane Katrina and the Blame Game (Posted: Sep 6)
I am so sorry for all of the loss and devastation that has occured because of the Hurricane and I pray for the surivors and rescuers daily. The shame in all of this is that some people have tried to politicize this terrible situation for there own gain. I am shocked that people would blame the President for this. I mean every President for the last 40 years would also have to be blamed because they all have known that the levy was only built to withstand a category 3 storm. That is unbelievable in my mind, how can you know that there is such a thing as a category 5 and only build it to withstand a category 3? Can you be any more stupid than this? The only reason that past and present governments have not fixed/upgraded the levy is because of money. It would have cost 20 million dollars or more to do the upgrade but that was just to much money. Can you believe that we can not spend 20 million dollars on something as important as this but we can throw money away on much less important things. It makes me sick that the Government cares more about money than the lives of its citezens. The Govenors of LA and the NO Mayer should take alot of the blame and the builders of the levys are most certainley to blame. Also the Mayer and Governor had no effective evacuation plan at all and did not use city buses and school buses to evacuate the poor and needy. A teenage boy stole a school bus and evacuated some people to Texas, this young man did more in my opinion than both the Govenor and Mayor combined. It just sickens me and makes me so angry I can't stand it. Anyway to blame George Bush for this is just stupid. There are many to share the blame and certainley more deserving persons to blame (ie the Mayor and Govenor)Than the President. The left and the Bush haters will always find a new way to try and destroy him no matter what so this is no suprise but it is just a shame.

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