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I am honored to have you visit and read my "blogs."

Opinions, thoughts and insights--We all have them
and in sharing them, we learn and grow.

I trust that over the years, I have learned to think and
write well enough to make mine worth while for you.

"Holding Hands With Reality," a collection of poetry and prose observing 50 years of living in this world has been published by Author House.

More information on the book
and the opportunity to purchase a copy
is available at their website.
Just click below.

[ Click Here ]

Holding Hands with Reality : Poetry and Prose

Also I would be honored to have you visit my other websites at

Welcome to the age of on line publishing. Most of my work is available free of charge, on line. If you enjoy it and wish to support it, donations can be made at the web site. All donations go to computer maintenance, maintaining the websites and expenses directly related to the work of a poet.

Thank you so very much...and the muse thanks you too...

Thank You,
Curran Jeffery


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