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Welcome to my Blog site. just my daily or weekly ramblins i write down instead of say so people don't have to listen to them. thanks for stopping by if you stopped by or thought about stopping by or wanted to stop by or had a friend stop by or think about stopping by or if you've ever bitched out someone who believes your going to hell because your not their religion, or if you watch southpark or listen to KoRn....

thank god (Posted: Mar 4)
well, first week of school is FINALLY over, actually it went pretty fast...i watched Napoleon Dynamite- which is NOT funny, and i watched the grudge, which scared my bladder but also seemed like a take off of the ring with a few added was actually bearable today. of course, it is always better on fridays for some reason, probably since you know you only have to withstand one more day...i wish weekends were longer...

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