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This is my first blog, whatever that means, so I dont know just what to write, but I will try my best to keep it interesting, I swear! Enjoy my daily blogs (what ever is on my mind).

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Can the age gap between mothers & daughters affect their relationship as much as the age gap in any relationship? (Posted: Mar 29)
I think so. I have always been well aware of the fact that my mom
and I aren't exactly the best of friends. It saddened me at times, but I am 19 & a bit rebellious, so I have that whole "to hell with her attitude!" most days. Besides, I like to think there will be plenty of time in the future for us to grow close. I see how close she is with my older sister (who is 33 and has 2 daughters of her own). However,Quel(that's my big sis) and I are completely different people;I'm a bit of a black sheep in my fam. So sometimes I think my ma and I will never share the closeness her and my sister do.
Anyway, though I have always thought my mom and I were on different planets, it never occurred to me that our 34 year age difference could be the killer of our chances to be civil with each other!
Sure, she's gone through alot of things I have or am going through, but it was in a different time. Things have changed. My mom was no teen when she had me, so she is pretty conservative. I've noticed that alot of girls whose mothers are old enough to be their big sisters have closer,tighter bonds. Also, I think it has alot to do with the individual mom's personality. My mom just isn't much fun anymore...if she ever was, it was surely before my existence!
Anyway, I'm not trying to be an older mom basher, but I'm making a point. Maybe age gaps in general affect people's relationships.
It also has alot to do with the youth. I consider myself a mature person, and I can converse with and be friends with people way beyond my years, but maybe the combo of the age difference and the tough love thing can really be the death of all hope for a harmonious mother-daughter relationship.

P.S: I love u mom!

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