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the abyss
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 About the Author
heloooooo!!!! :3 my name iz Nicky Izumi. i'm 19 and a senior in high school. i never failed a grade, and in fact, i have a 4.0 GPA. i started first grade when i was 7, and due to circumstances beyond my control, i took a year off between 8th and 9th grade. that is why i'm so old >_< newayz.. i'm an otaku (anime freak). my fav. anime iz Digimon, and my fav. Digimon character iz Koushirou (Izzy) Izumi.. *hugglez Kou-chan plushie* i am a fan of yaoi/shounen-ai, and like pretty much any Digimon couple you could think of... ^^; ummm... i draw fanart and i've written a few fanficz.. i do a lot of art related thingz.. >_> ummm... i waz born and raised in Nevada.. but now i live in Tenn. i miss the desert.. ;o; well, that'z abt it.. if u wanna know nething else, just tell me. feel free to e-mail me at and put "from blogbug" in the subject so i don't delete it. that'z all.. i'm done. ^^; ja ne minna!! ^_^

About the Author


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