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From Lifes Stream
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In my local paper there was a very lengthy article about the Boy Scout organizations selling off the land they were given to developers for millions of dollars so the developers could build huge subdivisions. This land was given to them for use as camps for the Boy Scouts. Now the organization is becoming rich off the selling of these properties. As a former scout and assistant scoutmaster I am outraged by learning that this has and is taking place all across the country. For these lands to be sold is completely out of expectations for the group. Many of these properties have ecologically sensitive areas which are being bulldozed under to make way for million dollar homes and swimming pools. These areas are being developed by companies which have no regard for the land upon which they build. They plow down trees and fill in wetlands for the making of profits with which they can ruin more ecologically sensitive areas. I live in a city but have nothing but love and respect for our great outdoor parks and forests. There are those who see nothing but dollar signs when they look at pristine forest land with plans to tear it all down to build more houses and commercial buildings.

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The Gross National Debt

Sent to the NRA (Posted: Jan 17,   Modified: Jan 17)
I will never support the political platform you espouse. I am not against hunters who use their guns in peaceful ways. There is no point in selling automatic rifles or pistols which the average hunter would find less sporting for their sport. Your inane support of automatic weapons is what leads to the killings on the streets of our country. Who is hunting for deer in a school yard? Who is hunting for bear in a city which has 10 million people living in it? Guns are used in both places by people who are in search of something to bolster their own ego with. Lets keep our mothers away from funerals for their young children.

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