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it has been too long! (Posted: Jun 27)

You all probably thought that I had forgotten about you all. If there is a "you all"? Any way, assuming that there is..... the summmer is in full swing. I am back waitressing like last summer. Remeber being a waitress is harder than one might think so always tip your waitress and tip them well. Living at home is hard. The drama is everywhere and the rules are sufficating. Other than work and dealing with the parents again life is boring. I have not really done anything interesting in the last couple of weeks. I go running every morning with the exception of saturday and sunday.
Gurrrrr! I hate this key board that I am using it takes me soo much longer to write. It also hard to write with everything going on around you. I think I wil have to write sometime when no one is around. hahahah like that is possible. ok! the parents are asking questions. I think it is time I end this. till later. when ever that may be?
P.S spell check is not working so forgive for any typos!

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