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endless love
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Accept God Into Your Life (Posted: Apr 11)
As the world knows Gods feelings towards
other idols as God is a loving God who
created man and woman and the beautiful feelings
inside of our heart when we fall in love.
All God wants from us is to walk like Jesus Christ
whom died for us as a symbol of his love.
Never feel alone as you walk in the path of God because
God will always be with you if you believe.
As we sometimes fear from darkness because we can't see
God will always give us the light if you open your heart and
fully believe and have 100% faith.
God is a loving God and loves us all very much that is why we are
on this earth.
As you are wondeing how to know God more, just find your nearest church and ask For Jesus to come in your life.
May God be with you on your new journey.

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