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Hey Welcome to my poetry page. I know its called "Blog bud" and I should have blogs but these poems are my blogs. They tell my story they show my thoughts and/or how I feel at the time. I write for fun and to inspire others. Hope you enjoy!

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Love and Chaos (Posted: Nov 18)
Love can be sweet.
Chaos can be neat.
Love can bring joy.
Chaos can be used like a toy.
Love can bring people together.
Chaos can last forever.
Love can be painful.
Chaos can be frightfull.
Love is a gift.
Chaos is a curse.
Everyone wants Love.
No one wants Chaos.
You find Love.
Chaos finds you.
Love and Chaos.
Two different things.
Yet they both entwin.
Love brings joy.
Chaos takes it away.
They Oppose each other.
Yet Embrace one another.
Love can bring Chaos.
Chaos can bring Love.


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