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This page is all about me and my life. Please add it to your favorites and visit me everyday!

Enjoy and God bless!

Another Monday... (Posted: Dec 5)
Today was so long... It just seemed to go on forever. Of course, I had to work, so that could be part of the problem. However, I'm very happy because I got my French Celine Dion CDs in the mail today along with my boyfriend's Christmas present so I'm all set for a while. I just need to write him a poem and get Saturday all figured out. I want to make it the most romantic day of his life. Anyway, I had a lot of homework that I had to work on throughout the day so that kind of sucked but I got it done. Now I have to work on a poster and get ready for tomorrow so I'll catch you all later. Please leave feedback! Someone! Read my other blogs. I know my life isn't that great but still... Check out my poetry site: It's worth it. Later all!

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