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Joyita Blog :D
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It's New Years Again. (Posted: Jan 1,   Modified: Jan 1)
Once again, I'm back in my traditional New Years toilet of resolutions, and these days it feels like I have the flush at my back. This year was...informative. I discovered so many truths about myself, besides my lieing was anger, hate, and a pile of jealousy I constantly threw, unfortunately, at the people around me. I've experienced makeups, breakups, dont care's, wannabehappy's...the whole shabang this year. I just wanna thank God for every moment that I learnt something new. That I can resist temptation. That depression doesnt always have to be at my back. That... I can love, well, and God loves me. That God frees me. That He understands the courage it takes, but I just wanted love. That a Father I knew could share it with me...
Yes I'm glad for what I know know and look forward to 2015. God is here, and here eternally. How deep is that?
May all of you have a prosperous and productive New Year, whether you read this... Or not. I still love you, and my Father does too. I hope you have winter wonderland days and gorgeous, starry nights.
Love Forever,

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