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Ever been unsure to what you are doing?

Website fever and dot com flu
I am hooked to try my very own and have a pad

I am located at poetrypoem.compoeticbynatyre
Just look for Karen Sullivan

I am floating around the screen and drive by the writers loung chat room
I enjoy meeting to new names and read each others lines
My website welcomes other talents to crash here

NEEDED poems,stories,drawings


Please bookmark this page and come here I got the stage light on you.

Jaust maybe you here

Thank You For Visiting!

There were bubbles floating? (Posted: May 31)
(You got to be in the bubble right for you.)

Why Does It Matter To Me?

Belting out with emotions, squeezing through the tears

Standing in this exotic Shakespeare have to stage express

Holding the papers in tight grasp clinch hands

Doe’s not writing live, breath and bleed like mortals?

In a pledge physique stand, fearless to ask listeners to get a matchstick and fire

End it all at once than to go on what we are doing in a room.

How can one person be in a point to strike a stand emotionally up roaring?

Use her vocal against the people’s ways? I do not know literature, but I do know

Who the writers are. Writers are players in imagination

The old vampires in the corners simply too far from knowing experience they

want facts, kill dreamers off; old fogies lay down in coffins, wait for deaths if

living is just collected facts, who is anyone to rain on writer’s parades

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