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The Lines Have Been Drawn (Posted: Mar 11)
We are in a cultural war!
The lines of this conflict have been drawn and we must decide which side we will stand on. If you think it doesn’t make a difference you are deceived. What this generation decides will set the course for this nation.
The decades to follow will reflect our part in this conflict of morality and anarchy. If we stand still and do nothing then the “liberal” media and popular culture will take over the minds of youth and those who will not inform themselves of an unchecked “feel good” society.
We are in a cultural war because traditional values have been attacked by an onslaught of twisted thinkers at levels of higher education and political elitists who wish to steer our culture down a different road. This roadway leads toward a destiny that has been contrived by a “Godless” revisionist view of a New America where our lives are controlled by a “super size” government filled with agencies to control every aspect of our lives. The idea of freedom is really very far from the minds of these individuals except of course their own personal freedoms, they would be guaranteed by their position in this elitist element that would control the lives of the rest of us. No longer would we be answerable to a fickle Christian God, oh no, they would think for us and become our “New Conscience” leading us to a glorious utopian future. I’m sorry I will tack my chances with God and morality. I will choose personal freedom over the sterile world of these cultural revisionists. I will stand on the line and make it known to everyone I can that I will go down fighting because I believe this war is that important. I don’t want to live in an America where we have lost this war. How about you?

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