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The World According to Me
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Something Better Than I Am (Posted: Apr 5,   Modified: Apr 5)
I am from a rather large family, and I don't mean large as in there are relatives I've never met and at every family reunion I meet some long lost cousin that I never knew existed (although that definition would hold true in my family as well). No, I mean large as in for the most part not many of us would or could be described as petite.Let's just put it all out on the table here, for as long as I can remember we have all been hefty folks, and until recently it didn't bother me. I am 6 feet tall so it is expected that I am not going to be tiny by any means, but there is no excuse for the size that I have let myself become. And yeah, I can blame genetics since neither of my parents are small nor do they have a small bone structure...I was aparently born to be an Amazon Girl, but genetics can only take the blame for so much. That being said, it was the combination of many tiny things that have occured over many years that have led to the final straw in my disgust in me. In just 7 short years I have ballooned up from a size 12 to a size 24 (that's right my size has doubled), buried my grandfather who died from a massive coronary in his sleep, lost the love of my life, played nurse to my mother who had a heart attack at the age of 42, dropped out of college to pursue a dead end romance with someone I don't think I ever really loved, and been rejected by society not to mention my family for my size. Do you have any idea how it feels to hear your own grandmother tell you that " No one loves a fat person." or " I don't expect any great-grandchildren out of you looking like that." It's like having a thousand knives plunged into you and turned simultaneously. So it was with that that my sister, who is also big but not as big as me, decided to do something about our weight...we joined Weight Watchers. At first I was skeptical because you hear so many disaster stories of dieting hell but at this point we were desperate. I must confess that it is going remarkably well. In just two short weeks I have lost nearly 13 pounds and I have more energy. I look forward to going to meetings on Saturday and talking with men and women alike who are going through the same ordeal I am and getting positive feedback and encouragement. It is just awesome!

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